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Zoom Dry body massage brush - tampico fiber, no strap, No.7
Zoom Dry body massage brush - tampico fiber, no strap, No.7
Zoom Dry body massage brush - tampico fiber, no strap, No.7

Dry body massage brush - tampico fiber, no strap, No.7

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Dry body brushing will help you nourish your skin, firm it and smooth it. Regularly massaging the body will stimulate blood circulation, thanks to which the skin will be moisturized and tense. With the help of a brush, you can also make an effective one anti-cellulite massage . Dry brushing helps to get rid of toxins and improves lymph flow.

Get to know the product that will make daily care a pleasant ritual.

HHUUMM dry body massage brush is a natural product that will help you fight for a smooth and healthy body. It was made by craftsmanship from beech wood. It is densely loaded with tampico - vegan agave cactus fiber. The brush comes with a linen bag for hygienic storage.

HHUUMM brush is a carefully made product that fits into the minimalist aesthetics. The simple form and lack of unnecessary additions make the brush look beautiful in the bathroom.

    Regular massage gives spectacular results. It stimulates the immune system, firms and strengthens the skin and affects our well-being. It helps to get rid of tension. Performed before the morning bath, it stimulates, in the evening it relaxes and relaxes.

    Body brushing comes from Ayurvedic culture. Its main purpose is not so much the form of removing dead skin, i.e. peeling, but the elimination of toxins from the body that can be the cause of many ailments.

    Massage accelerates metabolism and stimulates the lymphatic system. It is also a good supplement to slimming treatments. It reduces swelling and the feeling of heaviness in the limbs. It supports the delivery of oxygen and nutrients to the cells of the body.

    The brush gives very good results in the fight against cellulite, ingrown hairs, rough elbows, knees and forearms. Satisfactory effects are also obtained with "fresh" red stretch marks.

    Contraindications to massage
    Dry brush massage is not recommended in the case of: irritated skin, skin
    with visible inflammations, acne, psoriasis, wounds, fresh scars, varicose veins. We also avoid birthmarks and moles. If in doubt, consult your GP.

    Intended use:
    - cellulite
    - stretch marks
    - muscle tension
    - swelling
    - joint pains
    - slimming
    - sagging skin
    - removal of callous epidermis - peeling
    - ingrown hairs

    - the regularity of the massage translates into a quick, effective effect
    - massage is performed before each bath or every other day
    - execution time 5-10 min
    - For best results, apply your favorite lotion or oil after bathing

    - naturally smooth body
    - firm skin
    - removal of toxins from the body
    - strengthening immunity
    - reduction of cellulite and stretch marks
    - healthy appearance
    - stimulating the production of the happiness hormone
    - well-being
    - better permeability of active ingredients contained in cosmetics

    Dry body massage brush - tampico fiber, no strap, No.7

    59,49 zł Regular price 69,99 zł

    Frequently asked questions

    Which brush fiber to choose?

    We choose the brush fiber depending on our needs.

    • Soft brush - for sensitive skin
    • Medium brush - for sensitive skin
    • Hard brush - for demanding people, Tampico hard fiber quickly gives a smoothing effect.

    How to care for the brush?

    After each use of the brush, it is recommended to clean the bristles from the epidermis. Spray with a disinfectant product once in a while. If the brush was used with water, remember to put the brush down with the bristles down, which will allow moisture to drain faster. Natural wood may discolor over time.

    Should I massage my body with a brush before or after taking a bath?

    It is recommended to use the brush before to stimulate circulation. This allows for better absorption of active ingredients used after bathing.

    Can we do dry massage during pregnancy?

    If there are no contraindications of the attending physician, you can perform a gentle massage with a properly selected fiber of the brush.

    How often should the face/body brush be replaced?

    With regular use, it is recommended to change the brush every 3 months.

    How long should a face/body massage last?

    From 5 to 10 minutes.

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    About us


    We try to make the materials used in our products natural, biodegradable and least harmful to the environment. We take care of every detail to best meet your expectations.


    We want to share our knowledge and experience, which we use every day in our pursuit of health and beauty. The basic value of our brand is the desire to give pleasure from using our products, which we create in compliance with all standards and norms.


    Contact with nature and a passion for simplicity have contributed to the creation of a unique style that we want to present by giving you our products. We appreciate peace and quiet, we want our products to provide relaxation and harmony in your own home.

    Massage instruction

    5-10 minutes

    Regular dry brushing is very important. Initially, the skin may be slightly pink, but over time you can increase the pressure of the brush. The first results are noticeable after just a few treatments. The duration of the massage depends on the individual needs, I take 5-10 minutes every day or every other day.


    We always start the massage from the bottom of the body, moving upwards, to the heart. We massage the legs from the feet to the knees and from the knees to the groin (front) and to the upper part of the buttocks (back).


    When we reach the belly, we change our motion from sliding to circular and direct the brush clockwise.


    The next stage is the hands - we perform the massage from the fingers to the shoulders, ending the movement under the armpit or on the collarbone.


    If our skin likes it, we can also brush - neckline, neck, breasts. Then we start the massage from the neck and make gentler, circular movements


    When massaging the breasts, use short strokes from the nipples and then long strokes from between the breasts, under the breasts, to the armpit.


    Massage movements of the lower back end at the tailbone.

    Contraindications to massage

    Dry brush massage is not recommended for: irritated skin, skin with visible inflammation, acne, psoriasis, wounds, fresh scars, varicose veins. We also avoid birthmarks and moles. If in doubt, consult your GP.

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