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How to dry brush your body?

Dry brushing is a simple and extremely effective grooming ritual. Thanks to it, you will not only firm and smooth the skin, but also help cleanse the body. Brush massage does not require any special skills or equipment. All you need is a well-chosen, natural brush and a few tips. See how easy it is to introduce dry brushing into your daily care.

The goal of many of us is smooth and firm skin. Minimizing the visibility of cellulite, an antidote to ingrown hairs and a panacea for perifollicular keratosis is closer than you might think - if you are struggling with these problems, it's worth trying a new skincare ritual, which is body brushing.

How to dry brush your body guide

  • Body brushing idea
  • When to dry brush?
  • How to choose a dry massage brush?
  • Dry brushing - technique
  • Dry body massage instructions
  • Brushing as a daily grooming practice

Body brushing idea

It might seem that intensive body massage with a rough brush is nothing pleasant, but once we get used to using this type of care on a regular basis, it turns out to be relaxing. for people starting their brushing adventure.

Dry body brushing

Brushing the body stimulates blood circulation, exfoliates dead skin, improves skin tone, improves elasticity and firmness of the skin. It is a great way to cleanse the body of toxins. During the massage, the openings of the sweat glands are unblocked, which improves the excretion function through the skin. By brushing the body, we increase the breathing surface and the free secretion of sweat droplets. Tissues stimulated by the massage are stimulated to release the toxins deposited in them.

When dry brushing the body, it is important to choose the right type of brush and the method of performing the procedure. You will learn how to choose and drive it correctly in the following articles.

When to dry brush?

Brushing you can do at any time of the day . It is good to massage the body before the shower, because the water will wash off the particles of epidermis rubbed by the brush. A brushed body is also perfectly prepared to receive cosmetics, so it is best to use a lotion or oil right after it.

The most important rule if you want to see results - take care of regularity . Brushing is a simple ritual that won't take you more than a few minutes a day, and the effects it brings are truly amazing! What will you gain by introducing dry brushing into your daily routine?

  • Firm, smooth body
  • Beautiful skin tone
  • Improving circulation
  • Support in the fight against cellulite
  • Support for natural detoxification
  • Feeling relaxed and relaxed

Brushing has a peeling effect, so you can give up peeling with cosmetics so as not to irritate the skin. It is recommended to perform the brush massage every day, but if your skin is too irritated, do it with one-day breaks.

How to choose a dry massage brush?

You don't need any oils or lotions for brushing. All you need is a brush well matched to the needs of your skin. What to look for?

  • The hardness of the bristles – for sensitive skin , a brush with a soft fiber will be best. If you are new to dry massage, a softer brush will also be a good idea.
  • body part – body massage also covers more delicate areas, such as the neckline and breasts. The brush for these parts must be extremely gentle so as not to irritate sensitive skin. It is best to choose a model specifically dedicated to breast massage and neckline. The one you will find in our offer is made of delicate horsehair. If you want to introduce face massage to your care, you also need a brush with appropriate bristles, smaller and more precise. At HHUUMM you will find facial brushes with 3 hardnesses: soft, medium and hard.
  • A handle or a stick – with the brush you can massage almost all parts of the body. If you want a back massage or a thorough brushing of the back of your legs, choose a long-handled brush. You can choose from models with a detachable stick or specially profiled ones, making it easier to reach less accessible parts of the body.

Dry brushing - technique

Dry brushing does not require knowledge of complicated movements or sequences. The most important principle of massage is exercise movements from below towards the heart . Always start the massage from the lower parts of the body, moving towards the stomach, finally massaging the arms and back. If you include a breast and cleavage massage in your care, perform it in circular motions, using a brush with delicate bristles.

Face massage slightly different from body massage. The technique is as follows: it starts from the inside of the face and directs the brush towards the ears. The forehead is massaged in circular motions, moving towards the temples. The jaw is also massaged from the center of the chin outwards.

How to dry brush your body - instructions

Remember, regularity in dry brushing your body is of great importance. Initially, the skin may be slightly pink, but over time you can increase the pressure of the brush. The first results are noticeable after just a few treatments. The absorption of active substances contained in cosmetics increases, thanks to which it is much easier to see the effects of their use. The skin becomes smoother and firmer.

The time of the massage depends on the individual need, I accept 5-10 minutes daily or every other day.

Dry body massage instructions

01. We always start the massage from the bottom of the body, moving upwards, to the heart. We massage the legs from the feet to the knees and from the knees to the groin (front) and to the upper part of the buttocks (back).

02. When we reach the belly, we change our motion from sliding to circular and direct the brush clockwise.

03. The next step is the hands - we perform the massage from the fingers to the shoulders, ending the movement under the armpit or on the collarbone.

04. If our skin likes it, we can also brush - neckline, neck, breasts. Then we start the massage from the neck and make gentler, circular movements

05. When massaging the breasts, use short strokes starting from the nipples and then long strokes from the area between the breasts, under the breasts, to the armpit.

06. Massage movements of the lower back end at the tailbone.

Contraindications to massage . Dry brush massage is not recommended for: irritated skin, skin with visible inflammation, acne, psoriasis, wounds, fresh scars, varicose veins. We also avoid birthmarks and moles. If in doubt, consult your GP.

Brushing as a daily grooming practice

Care rituals are not only applying more cosmetics and introducing nutrients into the skin. It is a holistic self-care - caring for cleansing the body from the outside and inside, taking care of your peace and finding at least a few moments of breath during the day. Dry body brushing fits perfectly into this idea - during the massage you focus on yourself, on the structure of your skin, you make repetitive movements. After the massage you feel relieved and relaxed. The skin is pleasantly tightened, smoothed - you immediately feel that its condition has improved. It is a natural treatment, wonderful in its simplicity, giving almost immediate results.

For massage, you only need a good-quality, natural brush - selected for your needs. If you have sensitive skin or are new to brushing, choose a brush with soft bristles . For breast and cleavage massage, try a brush specially designed for these areas - it is not only smaller, and therefore more precise, but also much gentler. You can massage your legs, buttocks and back with a brush with slightly harder bristles - you can choose from many models: in a minimalist frame, with a cotton belt or on a longer stick.


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Read our other articles on the blog, and if you don't have your natural massage brush yet, check out our store's offer.

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