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Dry body brushing

Smooth and firm skin is the goal of many of us. Minimizing the visibility of cellulite, an antidote to ingrown hairs and a panacea for perifollicular keratosis is closer than you might think - if you are struggling with these problems, it's worth trying a new skincare ritual, which is body brushing.

Dry brushing the body is another trend that has its origins in antiquity and is being rediscovered nowadays. Dissertations on body brushing have already appeared in Chinese medicine, Japanese baths and ancient Greece.

Step by step dry brushing

  • Body brushing idea
  • Dry brushing the body as a care ritual
  • Introduce brushing into your daily grooming practices
  • Is brushing the new self-care trend?

Body brushing idea

It might seem that intensive body massage with a rough brush is nothing pleasant, but once we get used to using this type of care on a regular basis, it turns out to be relaxing. for people starting their brushing adventure.

Dry body brushing

Brushing the body stimulates blood circulation, exfoliates dead skin, improves skin tone, improves elasticity and firmness of the skin. It is a great way to cleanse the body of toxins. During the massage, the openings of the sweat glands are unblocked, which improves the excretion function through the skin. By brushing the body, we increase the breathing surface and the free secretion of sweat droplets. Tissues stimulated by the massage are stimulated to release the toxins deposited in them.

When dry brushing the body, it is important to choose the right type of brush and the method of performing the procedure. You will learn how to choose and drive it correctly in the following articles.

Dry brushing as a grooming ritual

Daily beauty rituals are often the only time during the day when you can stop for a moment and take care of yourself. Morning routines help you enter the day with calmness and a good attitude, and evening routines calm you down and prepare you for sleep. What treatments you do and what cosmetics you use depends on your individual needs. We suggest that you include dry brushing in these daily moments of self-care. See why it's worth it.

Why is it worth creating daily rituals for yourself?

Daily rituals are conducive to stopping and devoting some time to yourself. Time so much needed not to lose what is most important in the heat of tasks and affairs - care for your body and your head. Introducing even a short care ritual to everyday life will make you feel taken care of. You don't have to have a lot of time, lots of cosmetics and a spacious bathroom. The main task of the daily ritual is to tear you away from reality and move you into the world of self-care.

How to turn ordinary care into a ritual?

  • Find a few/over a dozen minutes just for yourself. Make sure no one disturbs you.
  • Zeal natural soy candles – with them, each treatment becomes magical! Match the fragrance to your mood.
  • Take care of your face - if you have time, do a roller or stone massage. Put on the cosmetics you like.
  • Take care of your skin - it is the largest part of your body. Massage it with a dry brush, massage in lotion or oil.

During all these rituals, think about why you are doing this. Don't dwell on what happened during the day. Don't stress and don't worry. Focus on taking care of your body, which allows you to explore the world every day. Take care of them for these few minutes a day.

Introduce brushing into your daily grooming practices

Care rituals are not only applying more cosmetics and introducing nutrients into the skin. It is a holistic self-care - caring for cleansing the body from the outside and inside, taking care of your peace and finding at least a few moments of breath during the day. Dry body brushing fits perfectly into this idea - during the massage you focus on yourself, on the structure of your skin, you make repetitive movements. After the massage you feel relieved and relaxed. The skin is pleasantly tightened, smoothed - you immediately feel that its condition has improved. It is a natural treatment, wonderful in its simplicity, giving almost immediate results.

For massage, you only need a good-quality, natural brush - selected for your needs. If you have sensitive skin or are just starting to get to know brushing, choose a soft bristle brush . Try it for breast and neck massage a brush specially designed for these areas – is not only smaller, and therefore more precise, but also much gentler. You can massage your legs, buttocks and back with a brush with slightly harder bristles - you can choose from many models: in a minimalist frame , with a cotton belt Whether on a longer stick .

Is brushing the new self-care trend?

Dry brushing has a very long tradition. It is an ancient practice, originating from Ayurveda , where it is called Garshana. Literally translated, it means "rubbing". According to this old medical system, this massage is a ritual that cleanses the body of toxins. It promotes the removal of cellular waste from the body, as well as lymphatic cleansing. It is performed without the use of oils or balms.

The assumption of Ayurveda, which is about 5000 years old, is to maintain a balance between body, mind and spirit. Only then does a person feel good and healthy. This balance can be disturbed by lack of sleep, lack of exercise, improper diet, as well as the accumulation of toxins in the body. Among the Ayurvedic healing methods are yoga, meditation, aromatherapy and massage.

Dry brushing is therefore not a novelty or a temporary trend in cosmetics. It is a practice thanks to which you can help cleanse the body, give it energy, and at the same time firm the body and make it gain a beautiful color.


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